♥ Sunday, 19 August 2007 ♥
As might have been predicted, the sales dragged me back. Like, Sin Skins slashed all their prices in half so I could get my perfect skin on budget! Well, ok, not really on budget, since I'd already spent my L$500 on a lovely Gala skin:

Nice as this is, the 'pale' tone is a smidge too dark and the 'alabaster' is a touch too night. Also, no freckles. When I heard about the sale, I had L$480 left in my balance, so I spent an afternoon on the dancepads before running off to Sin Skins and coming back with my prize:

I then found myself with but three lindens in all the world, but hey, I have freckles!

In other news, I've been learning to build. Yesterday I made a pair of sandals following Natalia's tutorial, and eventually I want to make myself a pair of boots. And today I made a bracelet with chunky beads to go with my white Leia dress from Bossa Nova. I still suck, but at least I'm having fun again!

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♥ Thursday, 9 August 2007 ♥
I am so fucking sick of getting Ruthed every other time I log in. I'm sorry for the profanity, but that's how I feel. About the only thing that keeps me logging in these days is being able to dress up and do my hair, and if I can't even do that anymore, tell me why I should stick around. Quite frequently nowadays, I'll be at the computer and I won't even bother trying to log in.

I wanted to love you, SL, I really, really did. But you're just not ready for primetime. Not even close. I wouldn't put up with a buggy, half-functional product in any other arena, why should you be any different?

As I've said before, my RL circumstances prevent me getting an SL job. So my only feasible source of income is RL dollars. Without which no rental, no shopping, no fun. But you think I'm putting any more of my money into a service this unreliable? Are you on crack?

As for the people... oh yes, the people. I actually think SL has been very bad for me in this respect. If you're lonely in your first life, because you're shy and find it hard to connect to people, don't go expecting your second life to be any different. People are still people, whether they're made of pixels or flesh, and if you have trouble relating to them in other contexts it's unlikely to be any easier here. I know that should have been obvious to me, but it wasn't. And as I say, it was pretty depressing when I figured it out.

I've lived in places where I didn't know anyone. It wasn't fun. And yeah, I know, I only have myself to blame for not being socially adept enough to cut it. It still wasn't fun.

So now, I'll try to log in for the third time. And if I'm still Ruthed, I guess that's it for today. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Or maybe I won't.

no love,


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