♥ Wednesday, 18 July 2007 ♥

July 18 2007

Well I entered the Face of Style contest, even though they demanded a profile pic and my nose is not the best. (Hey, I'm not changing it. It may not be perfect, but it's mine.)

I actually did buy more than one thing in the Last Call sale, it's just that the pics I took wearing the other outfit didn't come out as well:

But that's not today's big news. I'm renting a house!

It's a L$150 for 150-prims job, so my only major piece of furniture is a bed, but it's nice to have a place of my own to get changed and mess about with prims. I picked up a box of free sculptie textures and have been playing with them. Sculpties are just fantastic if you're living on a low-prim parcel, and luckily I have a fair few free textures to apply to them too:

There was a heart shape in there so I made a pair of earrings, and took the picture in the dark so you could see them glow.

Oh my god, I made something I might actually wear! Night night.

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♥ Saturday, 14 July 2007 ♥
The grid has been so laggy today that shopping is basically impossible. This is a shame, because I'm looking for a new skin.

My budget is L$1000, and I am not going over it under any circumstances. Ideally I would like something around the $500 mark -- the most expensive skin I've ever bought was L$50, and from there to L$1000 is a bit of a jump -- but it's proving hard to find skins in that price range. Nearly all the stuff reviewed on Linden Lifestyles and Second Style are L$1000 or above. I tried Bare Rose, but the lag was horrendous and I couldn't find the skins for the life of me.

I have a pretty clear idea of what I want. Pale, freckled, red lipstick. The freckles requirement is narrowing things down a bit! Right now I'm leaning towards Sin Skins, because I love my freckled Nimbus freebie from them so much, but I'm not quite sure which of these is my favourite:

(The demos aren't freckled, but all the skins come with that option and I already know from my freebies what the freckles look like)

Just to make my life a bit harder, I thought I'd see what Celestial Studios had to offer... and they were pretty too!

For L$1000, the same price as the Nimbus skins, I can get a Vogue skin and change my nails and eyebrows with the slider. Is it better value? Do I like it as much? You have to bear in mind that I made my shape while wearing a Sin Skin, so I'm almost guaranteed to look better in them. For example, I didn't think the Tete a Pied demo I tried suited my face at all. My cheeks look puffy and the mouth is awful:

I did find a couple of cheaper stores, but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for. Nomine skins are about L$800 I think, but they're just a touch too gothic for me:

(Ugh, rezzing eyes. The client crashed a couple of minutes after that. Did I mention I have had the day from hell?)

That one is from PanJen, about L$350? I know that's cheap for a skin, but I just wasn't feeling it. My L$50 skin was better quality. (Actually, I then headed for Skin Doctor's discount store, and found my L$50 skin on sale for L$500, which probably explains that. There were no skins there with my precious red lippy, though).

I also tried to buy a green blouse in the Last Call sale and it totally would not let me. Lag, lag, go away. Come back another day.

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♥ Thursday, 12 July 2007 ♥

July 12th, 2007

OK, that's me all caught up copying my previous posts over to my new home. Where was I? Oh yes, Secondfest. :)

Secondfest was pretty good. Lots of newbies checking the place out for the first time, which I kind of liked because it made me realise how far I have come over the past weeks. This was the first time I didn't feel like a newbie anymore. Still a novice, but not a newbie. Like in the Hot Chip set with everyone waving their glowies and poofers around, it wasn't so very different from InPulz, except that the music was better and there was a DJ up on stage.

pwiddy lights

Hot Chip guy

Aleks Krotowski, one of the organisers

I think the highlight for me (other than getting L$250 to complete a survey!) was catching New Young Pony Club's set. I can give you what you want...

Tahita of NYPC

That's me, at the front with the pink hair :) Most of the audience clustered in the middle. Maybe nu-ravers just fear mosh pits?

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♥ ♥

June 28th, 2007

Let’s see, what have I been up to? Well, I completed my Free Hair Odyssey with the treasure hunt on Taunt island, successfully locating all the tikis:

pinklady_004.jpg pinklady_007.jpg

I also found two golden orbs at Nuclear Boutique’s party, and thanks to a tipoff from Teagan joined the Bewitched update group, so the Free Hair Odyssey continues!

In other news, I learned how to resize and recolour prims. Now, I am a lazy girl, so this is enough to keep me happy for a while. Pretty much the only content I ever made for Sims 2 was recolours. I dyed one of my dresses pink and trotted off to a sock hop at Solaris. Observe my Amazing Static Ponytail:


Oh, and I caught the tail-end of a live music festival, which was pretty good. This woman was playing an acoustic set with some of my favourite songs:


SecondFest kicks off tomorrow so I am looking forward to that, assuming I can get onto the sim ;) PayPal payments are working again so I was finally able to buy some L$$$ and can take some time off from the dancepads :D

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♥ ♥

Well, the day before yesterday I was mooching around on my unending quest for freebie shit, when an IM pops up from Skybox Guy, asking if I want to do some modelling. And! I get to keep the clothes :D


Not my favourite skin nowadays (too fond of my SinSkins freebies) but it was the one I was wearing when he initially picked me up so I thought I’d best give him what he expected ;)

Turned out we had to reshoot anyway the following day because the pics didn’t come out so good:


There are three pairs of jeans, the seams aren’t perfect but he’s only asking L$75 per pair so who cares? :) Guess what I got in the way of payment the second time?


That would be a boat, people. Hmm, do you think I could sail it out to sea and live in it?

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♥ ♥

I’m still working my way through the Newbie Hair List and oh, what a wonder it is.


There’s so many free and almost-free styles out there, I wonder why I even bother to camp :) I sat down in a sandbox yesterday, trying on and tinting stuff, and finally got everything organised into a big folder so now I have a much better idea of what I have. I revisited Free Dove and found another newbie hair voucher, this one from Tami McCoy:


It’s for residents under 30 days so I just squeezed in under the wire (I’m 28 days old today :) )

This afternoon, I have been sitting in a camping chair sorting out my wings and shoes. I’m doing the easy stuff before I tackle the multitude of logo tees and ballgowns.

Also yesterday, I made an outfit out of those textures I didn’t like, plus a freebie belt resized and retextured:


I don’t think I’m going to set the fashion world alight, but it’ll do for… actually, I’m not sure what it’ll do for. Dishcloths?

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♥ ♥

June 11th, 2007

Last night, I went Goth for a party at Solaris:


Unfortunately, I got called away from the computer and ended up missing half of it. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye :(

I don’t want to get into talking too much about my First Life here, but it does affect my Second Life fairly drastically. Basically, I’m a carer, which prevents me from taking a job in FL and pretty much also in SL. I can’t commit to regular working hours. I can’t even commit to an event that’s happening in an hour’s time. Any camping spot that’s asking more than half an hour from me is a no-no. I can be IM-ing with a guy and know that the chances are I might have to go AFK, and that by the time I get back I’ll have been logged out. Hell, I rarely even have enough time to type AFK if I’m needed here.

So if you’re chatting with me and I go quiet without warning, it’s not the viewer’s fault, and it’s not your fault for being boring, it’s just that I’ve been summoned again.

I’m dancing in InPulz at the moment though. It’s Tattoo night but, alas, the freebie boxes were not overgenerous with the tats:


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♥ ♥

So, today, I thought I’d work my way through the Newbie Hair List. First off, I headed for a sandbox to change into some comfy sneakers and jeans:


Then, it was off to Tangles for the redemption of another voucher. Colour tint hairs are my absolute favourite, they’re so versatile.



I settled on Teagan, the first of the two.

At Diversity Hair there were a lot more hairs (including discounted ones for L$1 and L$10 — I snapped up a couple :) ) but I’ve been feeling the lack of a ponytailed style so my voucher went on Cinder:


Imagine that style in that colour, well that’s what I ordered :) I adore that shade. A few months ago I was looking everywhere for a Sims 2 hair that colour.


What with all my freebie swag, I have more hair than I could ever need, but pfft! since when was shopping about needing stuff?

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