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Fanta & Blue

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lake view

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52 Weeks Of Color, a set on Flickr.

♥ Sunday, 9 August 2009 ♥
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

♥ Saturday, 5 July 2008 ♥

To celebrate the Fourth, I mashed up two Ivalde freebies with a belt by Hiccup and set off to scoop up what bargains I could in the Retrology sidewalk sale.

The ears are by HCT. I think apart from skins and rent they've been my most expensive purchase at L$199, but they are so fluffeh I couldn't possibly leave them in the shop! And Sirena's Jenny freebie hair has a kind of fun retro firework feel, at least to me. :)

♥ Tuesday, 17 June 2008 ♥
Because I have been reading FAR too many freebie and fashion blogs (my inventory is groaning under the weight!) I feel strangely compelled to tell you what I am wearing on the grid today:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Emily [light/1] ~ coal (freckled) (group gift). One major thing I've noticed since resuming my second life is that there are a lot more good quality freebie or dollarbie skins than when I was a newbie, or maybe there are just more blogs to tell us where they are ;) This skin is lovely and summery, and I know you can't see the freckles on this pic but they're great nonetheless.

Hair: * 0 Style * fog * Newbie Hair in black. I'm wearing a lot of shorter hair lately and I felt this had a kind of sixties mod feel to complement the dress.

Dress: *Love Aya* retrospective two-piece (free). I tinted the white belt to match my ears and popped a purple system turtleneck on the underwear layer.

Boots: Umi Usagi. These white ones were a seasonal edition which I think I got for L$50 or thereabouts. I couldn't find them in the main store but you can buy them in black or brown suede for L$100, or hang around and hope the lucky chair comes good. I love my bunneh boots!

Tights: +SPICA+ (free).

Ears: Umi Usagi (free). Yes, OK, I love this shop. It makes me a happy bunny.

Nails: .:to heart:. (free) There is a fun goth/vampire skin freebie as well and the normal skins are L$25 for a set of five makeups.

Bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods *VELVET* SIM Launch Gift (free)

(You can't see my tail, but I can't remember where I got it from anyway. It's one of those full-copy Linden-produced objects you find in freebie boxes everywhere.)

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